Ishmael (It’s not too late)


Can’t you see that we have got it wrong

You put your arms around me but my direction was too strong

Watch her fading

Watch her fading away


Don’t you know that love works both ways

What you gave with two hands could never fill my plate

Now she’s bleeding,

Now she’s bleeding


Will you apologise when we’re gone?

To the children that we brought here with nothing to hold onto

And no one to look up to

No one to look up to


But it’s not too late

We can’t start again but do you really want this to be the end?

Because it’s not too late

Well no it’s not too late

I said it’s not too late

Well no it’s not too late


The Storm


 She is rocking him slowly

Taking them into a world of their own

He is pulling her closer

Like a bow on strings makes the sweetest sound

Together spark and breeze

Rage into fire, rage into fire


Sweat descends in fingers

Between her shoulders to the base of her spine

Alive stand the hairs on his skin

As he loses himself in the depths of her eyes

Rain falls in pools

Spills into torrents

Swept into the sea


Shadows grow on the wall

As the light from the flame

Throws them to the floor

Wrapped around one another

They fall into the heart of the storm


Not Quite Blues


Roll out on that train you know I’m already missing you

Press my lips against the glass

The love you left is going to get me through


I can’t explain the way I’m missing you

There’s a 6/8 beat in my heart instead of blues


Seems like we’re diving in

How can they say to me ”take it slow, boy take it slow”

I know we’re all caught up but where else should we start

When all I’ve got for you is love



Sow a seed and watch it grow

Hear sweet voices tell you glow girl glow

Like a rock all alone

Waiting for your tide that’s gone

To wrap around me once again

Won’t you please come and set me free




See him walking over

Covered over waiting to explode


Decisions incisions

Arresting pulses, all but his own



One’s senseless actions breaking others fragile bones


Will violence answer the call from peace that’s knocking at our door?

Or simply lie hostage to the rich man governing our thoughts


She asked me “why can’t one religion oversee them all?”

But beauty is boundless like the different people of this world



The Master and Margarita

There’s a man walking

Head bowed low

There’s a man walking

Head bowed low

All that goes before him

He doesn’t care to know


Margarita’s waiting

A dry well in her eyes

Margarita’s waiting

A dry well in her eyes

Her husband doesn’t know

But the Prince has heard her cries


Come the devil to take them

Oh well he should

Come the devil to save them

Restore all that’s good

They’re just longing for that basement

Where forbidden lovers could


Oh the city’s in mourning

The Prince he swept through

And your self-pity and moaning

Won’t deter his retinue

And Margarita’s been waiting

Her Master too

But they’re just longing for that basement

Where forbidden lovers could


Not Alone

Said one bird to the breeze

We’ve been flying this direction far too long

As she fell the wind fell too

Saying you’re not alone, no you’re not alone


The penny jumped from his hand

Across the street and out he run

Priestess cried “Oh please not today,

We’re all to blame, we’re all to blame”


From her house out of town

The string came loose and she unwound

Found herself in a star strung bed

Lost her tongue and found her head

I’m not alone


Sailor won’t you rescue me

I’m tired of their messed up scene

They push they pull they won’t let me go

Won't you take my hand and guide me home


I’m not alone


Les Moustiques


There’s a buzzing in my head I could do without

And there are thoughts I would like to scream and shout

In the wheel we’ve been pushing round

Someone sits and stares


In a room so cold you could hide behind your breath

There’s a man cowered beneath his bed

Afraid they’ll disturb the voices in his head

He lets time steal by



Enter quickly exit slowly

Avoid the flashing lights they’ll have you put away

Bring nothing but the black box

Dogs are sniffing round for any plans you’ve made


A finger of light creeps through the door

Beckoning you to settle scores

With no one but yourself


Please don’t quit your searching for a place to fit your tired hands and heart

Some will never see that there cannot be light without the dark


A finger of light creeps through the door

Beckoning you to settle scores

With no one but yourself



I’ve been walking around with my laces undone

And I’ve been moving my mouth but there is no sound

I think I’ll head underground


I got burnt as you bathed in the sun

And I let you hide now it’s me that’s on the run

Don’t you worry I’ll be underground


This old mole he’s been digging ‘round for days

Sleep deprived and dirty now he’s lost in his own maze

Well I’ll just stay underground

I think I’ll stay underground



People always tell me I should share what’s on my mind

But what’s good for you is not good for me

And on my own I will be just fine

For a time I’ll be underground

I’ll make it fine underground

I’ll make it fine underground