How Silent We've Become


how far you've run now that summer's come and gone 

you profess your love then you take our child away 

when it's you that's changing


mr, mr how i see you dodge and duck

the bullets from their lips

the daggers from their eyes

reduce them to rubble

you're nothing but trouble 

when you see but say nothing


no one's noticed how silent we've become

just melt back in when you have had enough

in this room it's begun to snow

but all you see is cold


yes pretty one it's a burden to bare

to be subject to their looks

no knowing what to wear

but let me ask you something

do you see the sunrise?

because for some it's always setting




slipping in slipping out

looking everywhere but down

ferris wheel it's been about

still can't get your head around

how it is you're on this bus

same cracked road to the same ghost town


sun comes up can't get out of bed

draw the shades inside your head

looks so peaceful from the ledge

prolonging your torment

flick the light burn the thread

been lying dormant far too long


deadman walking through the desert looking for his oasis

don't forget to have your fun


from the tracks to this misty street

feet just keep on shuffling

red blur beckons up ahead

young lovers guttering

these china plates they don't offer much

reaching over but you're out of touch


deadman walking through the junkyard looking for his missing part

don't forget to have your fun


It's Not Too Late(Ishmael)

can't you see we have got it wrong

you put your arms around me but my direction was too strong

watch her fading

watch her fading away


don't you know that loves works both ways

what you gave with two hands could never fill my plate

now she's bleeding


will you apologise when we're gone

to the children that we brought here with nothing to hold onto

and no one to look up to

but it's not too late


we can't start again but do you really want this to be the end?

because it's not too late


The Boy and The Sickle


he hung up his weathered hands at the end of the day

from harvesting his dreams in the heart shaped field where they lay

she showered over them with a drop from her eye

he kissed her eyes with his and softly replied

i'm but a humble man i'll live my life on my knees


she walked her street at night to the waters edge

peering over set her thoughts free to swim

he found her there and his hand found her head

she lifted she stole and this is what she said

i'm just a simple girl i'll dwell in the trees


at the end of her finger shone the brightest star

she drew it around them as the bonds fell apart

licking wounds praying for an end

inching towards what lay in the heart

two trapped birds yearning to be free


sit with me stare into mine

we're going no where treading this line

he pulled her close so that she'd see

everywhere he'd been and all he wanted to be

i'm but a humble man down on my knees

simple girl come down from the trees


Everything Looks Better in Candlelight


sitting in candlelight flickering

waiting for the door to slam in the wind on me

faces laughing crying come vividly

ghostly people dressed up in their sheets comfort me

they comfort me

he's out on the street down on his knees

she's in the back alley trying to please

she calls it ways he calls it means

softly spoken never strays far from sight

you trample but she is starting to fight

she's finding her feet

he walks to the mailbox in the time you've hit the moon and started to dive

won't you take him with you

treacherous heart of mine where does your love reside?

you gave me one to believe then kiss everyone you see

i can't trust me can you trust you?

drowning in rain 

can see out can't see in

when you pass my way again wrap me up take me within