The Opole Session

Phillip Bracken

One day to rehearse. One day to record. A chance encounter brought four of Polands finest musicians and this Australian songwriter together to produce this live album. Featuring Jacek Mielcarek, Jacub Mielcarek, Mateusz Szemraj, and Jarek Korzonek.

Opole, located in the South West of Poland, is where this chance recording took place. With four of Poland's finest musicians in accompaniment Phillip had one day to rehearse and one day to record. Featuring Jacek Mielcarek(saxaphone and duduk), Jacub Mielcarek(contra bass), Mateusz Szemraj(electric guitar), and Jarek Korzonek(drums).

About Phillip:

A meandering spirit, Phillip Bracken’s music embraces alternative soul, indie roots/blues, and folk. Qualities guided by his rhythmic and hypnotic style of guitar playing. All of this complemented by that evocative voice floating you up into the ether one moment before hurtling you back to the dirt below in the very same line.

Considering the unfamiliarity of the material to the majority of the musicians, and the live setting in which it’s presented, the results are incredibly cohesive, and not at all basic or lo-fi. Indeed, opening track “It's Not Too Late / Ishmael” is beautifully structured, building slowly and surely, with Bracken in fine voice, and “The Storm” impresses with its European gypsy jazz rhythms and the whole band providing energy and flow. “Les Moustiques” continues the trend, and it’s a wonderful track. It’s almost certainly Bracken’s finest moment here, and the musicians weave complex magic in support. - Leicester Bangs Blogspot

“If you need comparisons, the likes of Ben Harper, Nick Drake, Doug Burr or Josh Garrels (for both evocative guitars and warm voice) could be cited. But be sure, you will find none of those afore mentioned listening to Phillip Bracken ; none of those, but a high dose of unique emotions.”

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