Take My Hand

Phillip Bracken

Take My Hand is an ethereal piece with tribal tones that escalates into an edgy spine tingling crescendo that will take over your senses.

Take My Hand is the second single from the Australian's debut full length,"Wolf Ahead Tiger Behind" featuring his band from Warsaw, Poland. (Mateusz Szemraj-dulcimer, Denis Dubiella-bass,synth, Wojciech Lubertowicz-percussion)

‘Anyone who has had the opportunity to listen to Bracken knows how special this artist is. He freely combines folk, blues and soul, with the best traditions of songwriting. Live his music sounds exquisite and accompanied by guest musicians both the energetic and melancholic songs of Phillip are even more colourful.’ -Wojciech Zurek, www.e-splot.pl

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    Take My Hand

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