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“If you need comparisons, the likes of Ben Harper, Nick Drake, Doug Burr or Josh Garrels (for both evocative guitars and warm voice) could be cited. But be sure, you will find none of those afore mentioned listening to Phillip Bracken ; none of those, but a high dose of unique emotions.”



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“Live at Radio Opole” Press Release


Who? What? When? Where?

Australian ambient-folk musician Phillip Bracken is set to release his latest CD "Phillip Bracken with The Jacek Mielcarek Ensemble, Live at Radio Opole," with a concert at Opole Filharmonia Klub, Opole, September 24th, 2016. CD available online at September 27th 2016


Road to Radio Opole - June 2015

Polish ethno jazz icon Jacek Mielcarek has again teamed up with the Australian in this latest offering. After first coming together in 2012 for The Opole Session the Polish multi-instrumentalist invited Bracken to play a one off concert and live broadcast at Radio Opole in the famous Studio M in 2015. The Australian insisted that for such a unique event a special group of players should be brought together showcasing a mix of his new and old work. The result was The Jacek Mielcarek Ensemble.


The Ensemble

From around Poland musicians were gathered with the ensemble consisting of Mateusz Szemraj - electric guitar, oud, dulcimer, banjo(Mosaic, Hanimal), Patryk Walczak - grand piano, piano accordion(Frument), Jakub Mielcarek -double bass(Maciej Fortuna Trio, Silberman), Krzystof Guzewicz - percussion(T/Aboret, Kayah i Transoriental Orchestra), and of course Jacek Mielcarek - saxophone, duduk, clarinet. Like The Opole Session time was limited with some musicians only arriving the day of the concert to rehearse the thirteen songs.


“Live at Radio Opole” will be released with a special concert on September 24th 2016, in Opole at the Filharmonia Klub. Joining Bracken and Mielcarek for the one time event will be members of the original Ensemble (Jakub Mielcarek and Mateusz Szemraj) as well as Piotr Budniak(LemON) on percussion. Tickets are 20 PLN.

Bracken will also play a handful of solo shows in Poland to promote the CD in September/October.


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A note on the CD artwork:

On his travels in and around Poland Bracken has met many inspiring people and formed invaluable friendships. Justyna and Jakub Jakubowscy are the owners of Kofi i Ti in Radzyn Podlaski; a cafe designed as a melting pot for culture and ideas both young and old. After seeing (and purchasing) some of Justyna’s artwork during his last visit to Radzyn the Australian invited the young artist to create the cover art for “Live at Radio Opole”. No direction or boundaries were laid out (just as no restrictions were placed upon the musicians on the recording) and thus the work and inspiration for the illustrations are solely Justyna’s. She has been affectionately dubbed the 7th member of the band.