Phillip Bracken

Phillip Bracken

‘Anyone who has had the opportunity to listen to Bracken knows how special this artist is. He freely combines folk, blues and soul, with the best traditions of songwriting. Live his music sounds exquisite and accompanied by guest musicians both the energetic and melancholic songs of Phillip are even more colourful.’

-Wojciech Zurek,


A meandering spirit, Phillip Bracken’s music embraces alternative soul, indie roots/blues, and folk. Qualities guided by his rhythmic and hypnotic style of guitar playing. All of this complemented by that evocative voice floating you up into the ether one moment before hurtling you back to the dirt below in the very same line. 

It was 2008 in Sydney, under the guidance of local guitarist/producer Peter Northcote, that Bracken recorded his debut EP. Independently released Everything Looks Better in Candlelight quickly garnered attention in Europe with radio play and comparisons to renowned artists from Roy Harper to Ben Harper, Neil Young to Jeff Buckley, and Nick Drake to David Gray. Interest enough to lure Bracken to Europe in 2012 where he was introduced to Polish ethno jazz icon Jacek Mielcarek.                           

Unbeknownst to the Australian, a demo of what would become, The Opole Session, was passed onto the multi-instrumentalist. Enthusiastic about this new sound Mielcarek gathered three of Poland’s rising musical sons and Bracken found himself in Radio Opole, Poland, recording a live album. “It was a humbling experience”, recalls the Australian floored by the intuition and passion the musicians had. “We had a day to rehearse and a day to record and I was left buzzing for a week.”

The recording, a string of shows and festivals led to Bracken and his family relocating to Poland 10 months later. “I’m the son of migrants. I moved around from a young age and where I belong I cannot say.” A statement echoed in his diversity of sounds.

The latest offering from the Australian is, Phillip Bracken and The Jacek Mielcarek Ensemble, Live at Radio Opole. Showcasing new and old material the CD captures the evening Bracken and Mielcarek reunited in 2016 for a one off performance at Radio Opole. Featuring a band affectionately and reverently dubbed 'The Jacek Mielcarek Ensemble' a range of instruments were again implemented from tabla to cymbaly, oud to grand piano, and banjo to accordion.

With countless gigs in Australia and Poland, his new home has enabled him to gain a following in Europe with solo shows, festivals and tours in Germany, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic and of course Poland.


If you need comparisons, the likes of Ben Harper, Nick Drake, Doug Burr or Josh Garrels (for both evocative guitars and warm voice) could be cited. But be sure, you will find none of those afore mentioned listening to Phillip Bracken ; none of those, but a high dose of unique